Pessure limiting valve 550Kpa
  • Pessure limiting valve 550Kpa

Pressure limiting valve 550Kpa

Pressure limiting valve in 550kpa with back flow prevention. Watermarked and NSF certified

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Pressure limiting valve in 550kpa with back flow prevention. Watermark AS1357.2 Lic 23133

NSF : Certified to NSF/ANSI 61 Section 9

Limiting valve: 550kpa (80 PSI)

Flow: 7.5L/Min at 700 Kpa (100 PSI)

Max Pressure: 1600 Kpa (230 PSI)

Max Temperature: 40C

1/4" john guest type tubing connections

Ideal for a reverse osmosis filter system to limit the pressure applied to the system.

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