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6 Stage Extreme Low Waste Model 021-6ex
  • 6 Stage Extreme Low Waste Model 021-6ex

6 Stage Extreme Low Waste Model 021-6ex

With Premeate Booster Pump, pH correction, re-minerlizing, (alkalizer), pressure gauges and total dissolved solid electronic monitoring meter. Waste ratio of 0.6 to 1, lowest on the market

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This is a premium system made from the finest quality parts available without compromise.

After extensive testing we are proud to offer you the most advanced Reverse Osmosis system on the market.

We have developed this system as a result of concerns expressed by customers about the amount of waste water that a Reverse Osmosis system produces.

  • Waste ratio of approximately 0.6 litres of waste water to 1 litre produced.
  • Chloramine cartridge (3,800 litres chloramine, 45,000 litres chlorine)
  • Twin pressure gauges to monitor cartridge condition.
  • Hand Held electronic TDS meter to monitor membrane performance
  • Membrane flushing valve for easy maintenance.
  • Aquatec permeate pump to assist waste recovery.
  • Permeate pump increases membrane performance.
  • Permeate pump reduces TDS creep.
  • Permeate pump increases tank pressure and volume.
  • Permeate pump increases performance in low pressure areas.
  • Include re-mineralizer cartridge which also corrects pH.
  • Produces 200 litres per day @ 40 psi, 500+ litres per day at 90 psi mains pressure.
  • Reducing the waste ratio is not magic, without the permeate pump it would not work, reducing the waste ratio is hard on the membrane so we also include a 3 year pro-rata warranty on the membrane as well.
  • Stage 1 is a Polyspun 5 micron sediment filter, stage 2 is a 1 micron sediment filter, stage 3 is a Matrikx CTO Chloramine cartridge, stage 4 is a Dow Filmtec BW30-1812-75 TFC membrane, stage 5 is the re-mineralizing cartridge (Omnipure K2548), stage 6 is a Omnipure CL10RO-T40 coconut carbon cartridge.
  • TDS limit applies to this unit, 500 parts per million of total dissolved solids, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne metropolitan waters generally are lower than 500 ppm, this unit is un-suitable for bore water.
  • Will produce water at about the quality and purity of a cool Mountain Stream.
  • Cartridge costs annual change 2 x polyspun, 1 x Matrikx CTO and 1 x CL10RO-T40 $80.00
  • Re-mineralizer will require changing about every 2 years, $32.50
  • Membrane every 4 Years $85.00

All reverse osmosis systems require a minimum pressure of 40 psi (280kpa) with 50 psi (350kpa) or more is ideal. If you are unsure what your pressure is check with your local Council or water authority.

Main filter unit is 42cm high, 48cm wide and 14cm deep, tank options and sizes are at this page link.

Click here for tank details.

See faucet (tap) range, click here to viewFaucets

Be aware the permeate pump will make a clicking sound about every 3 seconds when the tank is filling. It is about a loud as clicking a biro and reduces over time.

Supplied with QMP-300-HP U.S.A. made housing 10" Australian Standards AS3497 with 1/4" NPT threaded ports. This housing is tough with a burst strength of 575psi (4000kpa) and is tested to AS3497 which means it has been tested from 0 to 700kpa and back to 0 kpa 100,000 times without failure, cracking or distortion.

With these premium systems we supply the 550 kpa pressure limiting valve with dual check valves which is a plumbing code requirement, the valve is also Watermark AS1357-2 license no 23133 as the watermark is also a plumbing code requirement.

We supply the 550kpa PLV with the premium system so the filter system runs faster than other units on the market.

product comes complete, ready for installation.


Substance treatment rates below for TFC reverse osmosis, click here for a full list in PDF.

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10 Years Warranty
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