Wh-002b-Rf Whole House System-Silver

WH-002B-RF- Whols House System Silver (un-chlorinated water system for Tanks, Dams and soft water bores). This re-fillable carbon cartridge has silver nitrate impregnated carbon.

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Whole House System WH-002B-RF-Silver (un-chlorinated water system for Tanks, Dams and soft water bores). This re-fillable carbon cartridge has silver nitrate impregnated carbon, if you use standard carbons in un-chlorinated water filter systems (without a UV steraliser) the carbon simply becomes a bacteria breeding ground, silver nitrate doesn't allow bacteria to grow on it's surfaces.

This systems first stage uses a 20" big blue housing with a 1, 5 or 20 micron polyspun sediment filter (your choice), the second stage uses a 20" big blue housing with a GAC silver carbon cartridge rated for 300,000 litres for chlorine and chemical treatment. Using the 20" big blue/white sediment cartridge. Pleated sediment filters have the advantage of being cleanable several times.

These housings are a Taiwanese copy of the Genuine PENTEK big blues and are certified to Australian Standard AS3497. These Big blue housings are rated to 90 psi pressure and the system includes the two cartridges, two housings, powder coated wall bracket, housings are 1" thread.

This system uses a re-fillable carbon cartridge, this system is very cheap to run as the sediment cartridge and it costs just $60 for the 4 litres (2 kg) of carbon required to re-fill the carbon cartridge. Optional Stainless Steel Bracket plus $25.00 1 Year Warranty, 1" AGA Ball valve optional +$20.00 . Optional pressure gauges vertically($120).

If you would like to purchase extra cartridges or parts with the system here are the links:

Polyspun sediment filter

Pleated sediment filter

Silver Gac replacement 

1" Ball valve

product comes complete, ready for installation.

When a UV is selected we normally supply the unit on 2 single brackets rather than the single twin bracket so the UV can be plumbed after the sediment filter but before the carbon filter because UV sterilisers can give a burnt flavour (when algae is present in the water) to the water first up in the morning, this is flavour is easily removed with the carbon filter.

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