Pentek Rfc 10 X 4.5 Inch Carbon Cartridge

Pentek GAC/RFC 10 x 4.5 Inch carbon cartridge, 20 Micron.

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Pentek GAC/RFC 10 x 4½" carbon cartridge, 20 Micron. product comes complete, ready for installation.

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Aqua Pro Apc 10"X 4.5" BB


Aqua Pro APC 10"x4.5" Extruded Carron Block Cartridge 10 Micron. Rated for Chlorine, Colour, Taste and Odour. Made in Taiwan.

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PI Cartridge


Remineraliser/Alkaliser Inline cartridge with 1/4" John Guest ports. Promotes high level of PH in the body- helps neutralize acidic body conditions- some acidic conditions are associated with diabetes, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure and other chronic conditions. Expect to get an PH of 9-10. Picture is incorrect and will be up-dated shortly

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