Pentek Gac Radial Flow 20 x 4½" Inch Carbon Filter

Us Filters GAC Radial Flow, 20 x 4½" Inch Carbon filter, 20 Micron.

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Us Filters GAC Radial Flow, 20 x 4½" Carbon filter, 20 Micron. Product comes complete, ready for installation.

This product carries the California caution 65 about the possibility it could cause cancer and birth defects. This test is required in only California and nowhere else.

The caution is because it isn’t tested for California. When you ask about that in the US they roll their eyes and say only in California. To comply each batch if products have about 600 tests for the possibility of containing that range with possibility virtually zero.

Of all the states in the U.S.A. only California is the only state requiring that and if the tests are not done or the caution listed it is a $150,000 fine. Even barbeque products such as spare ribs require the caution. If you were doing a sausage sizzle you would require the caution and you could burn them and that is a form of carbon, it is ridiculous.

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