Sprite Fxd-Cm-P6 Replacement Cartridge

Replacement cartridge Twin Pack for the Sprite FXD-CM-P6

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Replacement cartridge Twin Pack for the Sprite FXD-CM-P6 product comes complete, ready for installation.

Shower and bath filters - Why You Should Need Them?

Whether it is table filters or shower and bath filters, both are very important for health because it save you not only from germs, but also from toxin chemicals.

Generally the modern technology in all these bath and shower filters, which uses a process-patented disk formulated of copper and zinc also known as kdf, appears the best solution in place for shower filtration systems and for bathing water filters. Nearly all kdf is not equal. Some are more robust than other KDF filters. These water filters remove iron,chlorine, lead, hydrogen sulphide, micro organisms and hundreds of other problem contaminants from the water.

Chlorine is a toxic that attacks organic matter. It binds and ties with the protein present in the body. We take in more chlorine when we take bath or shower than from drinking water. The EPA has announced that US houses have accelerated levels of chloroform in the air due to chlorine liberates from showering. So it's in our own showering water and also in the air of our homes. This chemical Chlorine, in addition to irritating skin, damaging eyes and lungs and drying the skin and your hair, is also thought to cause breast cancer. We commonly do not are aware about in depth science and other things, but it just looks pretty obvious to anyone that drenching in chlorine, which kills other living things, is bad for our own health!

Good filters should also filter mercury, aluminium, lime, and sulphur among several other inorganic compounds. These water filter systems render your water softer without having salt addition.

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