Undersink reverse osmosis dual membrane upgrade

Undersink reverse osmosis dual membrane upgrade.

Suitable upgrade for many of our undersink reverse osmosis system to increase production

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Undersink reverse osmosis dual membrane upgrade. The kit can be added to the majority of our undersink premium RO systems which can up to double the production of the system. Typically most of the 021 range is supplied with 75 GPD (300LPD) membranes. This kit is supplied with the same membrane which will give approx. 150GPD(600LPD) total production for the two membranes at 50PSI and 25 deg water temp.

This kit can be retro fitted to the following systems:








Boss 031-DI-RM-RF

The kit includes:

1 x 1812 Membrane Housing

1 x 75 GPD membrane

2 x Jaco 40-4-2 fittings

1 x Hydramatic check valve

1 x 400ML flush valve ( inc 2 x 40-4-4 fittings)

2 x Membrane mounting clips (2.5"-2.5")

1 x John Guest 1/4" Tee fitting

2m x 1/4" John Guest tubing

1 x Thread tape

1 x Instructions

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