Hi flow twin system
  • Hi flow twin system
  • Hi flow twin system

High flow twin system

High flow twin system is suitable to filter all of your cold water that is used on a kitchen flick mixer tap.

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This high quality filter system is designed to filter all of the cold water that you send through the kitchen tap.  The carbon cartridge used in this system is the Matrikx™ PB1 , 0.5 micron rating for >95% chlorine and >99.98% for Cryptosporidium & Giardia cysts. This cartridge exceeds the tough NSF rating by nearly double and is independently tested and certified.

This system is a great option for someone wanting to use their existing kitchen tap meaning no need for a separate tap to be installed to have filtered water. This kit is easily removable with no trace of it ever being installed, great for rental accommodation. Please note with this system as you will be filtering all the cold water in the kitchen tap it is to be expected that the filter cartridges will have a shorter lifespan than a dedicated filter type system with a separate tap. If this is a concern we suggest you have a look at the PSI 014P twin under sink system.

Installation of this system can be installed without the need of a plumber and in as little time as 15 minutes. The system will be assembled with the nipple, bracket and cartridges pre-installed. All that is required for the installation of the filter system is to install the brass PLV, nipples and braided hoses either side of the filter system.

1. Simply turn off the cold water to your kitchen tap.

2. Install supplied nipples and brass pressure limiting valve (infeed side of filter system).

3. Remove braided hose from the cistern cock, install 2 x 3/4"-1/2" reducing nipples with approx. 6-7 wraps of thread tape applied to the 3/4" side of the nipple,  install supplied female-female braided hose to cistern cock and infeed side of filter system.

4. Install female to male braided hose to outfeed side of filter system and place braided hose to the original braided hose on the flick mixer tap.

5. Turn on the flick mixer tap to the cold side of tap. Slowly turn the cold water cistern cock back on so that the water fills the filter system and allow the air to escape. Flush for 10minutes and check for any possible leaks that may be present from install. Apply more thread tape if required to the area if one is detected.

The system comes with a Watermarked adjustable pressure limiting valve. Factory set to 350Kpa and is adjustable between 172-517Kpa.

 For replacement cartridges- Polyspun 1 micron & Matrikx PB1

Dimensions 41cm wide, 36cm high and 14cm deep. Please allow enough room for the braided hoses to be installed on each side

Kit includes:

1 x Twin filter system (QMP USA made housings)

1 x 1 Micron polyspun sediment filter

1 x Matrikx PB1 - high flow/treatment carbon cartridge (USA made)

1 x female to female braided hose (mains cistern cock to filter system)

1 x female to male braided hose (filter system to tap)

2 x 3/4"-1/2" reducing nipple

1 x Thread tape (Australian made)

1 x Adjustable pressure limiting valve (172-517Kpa)

1 x Housing spanner

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