Psi-004p With Matrikx ™ PB1 Cartridge

PSI-004P with Matrikx™ PB1 cartridge, 0.5 micron rating for treatment of Giardia and cryptosporidium cysts as well as lead and other heavy metals treatment, a must if you have children.

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$102.00 with Matrikx™Pb1 cartridge, 0.5 micron rating for treatment of Giardia and cryptosporidium cysts as well as lead and other heavy metals treatment, a must if you have children. Rated for 24,000 litres chlorine & 10,000 litres lead,Now with Chloramine & VOC reduction.

This cartridge is independently tested and certified for performance claims.

10 year warranty

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Replacement cartridge price with us $31.00 (replacement cartridge if ordered with unit $30.00) 

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Product comes complete, ready for installation.

Not suitable for un-chlorinated water supplies.

These countertop systems will fit a standard size aerator thread. A standard sized aerator is 13/16th (21mm) if the thread on the spout is male or using the supplied adapter if the thread in the spout is female and is 15/16th (24mm) diameter. If the aerator thread is not standard size these units will not fit.


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10 Years Warranty
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