Mixed Bed MB115 resin 25L bag

Mixed Bed resin 25L bag

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Mixed Bed resin 25L bag (Appox. 19KG)

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Mixed Bed Resin 500 Grams


MB115 mixed bed resin 500grams which is enough to re-fill a re-fillable Di cartridge, thsi is for the 9-3/4" drop in type of cartridge into a housing.

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Calcite is a naturally occurring calcium carbonate Material.. When properly applied, it corrects pH to a neural range. It does not overcorrect under normal conditions.

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Water Softener Resin 1kg


Tulsion T-42 is a premium quality strong acid cation exchange resin containing nuclear sulphonic acid groups having high exchange capacity, combined with excellent physical and chemical stability and operating characteristics.

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