K2567 10 Inch (Xf10) T33-1/2lb. Kdf 1 Micron

1/4 Inch NPT female ports fitting. Service Life: 12 months/5,500 Litres.

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1/4 Inch NPT female ports fitting. Service Life: 12 months/5,500 Litres. product comes complete, ready for installation.

The K2567-BB (XF10-1/4 is a 1/2 granular activated carbon cartridge and 1/2 KDF cartridge, 1 micron and will treat chlorine and heavy metals and has some anti bacterial qualities.

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The Omnipure K2540-SS is a 5 micron granular activated coconut carbon cartridge, fitting ends are John Guest style at 90 degrees. Will treat chlorine for 5,600 litres, coconut carbon produces a sweeter tasting water not because it adds sugar or similar to the water but it won't drop the pH of the water.

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