Conversion kit for a Puratap ™
  • Conversion kit for a Puratap ™
  • Conversion kit for a Puratap ™
  • Conversion kit for a Puratap ™

Conversion kit for systems with Jaco fittings with filters

Conversion kit to convert system using the Jaco gripper series tube connectors to a industry standard sized system.

Filter cartridge pair option
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This conversion kit is for use for systems that use the Jaco gripper series tube fittings one of which is the PuraTap™ system. It is as simple as turning the infeed water off, undoing the two finger nuts on each side of the system, lifting the original system out and reattaching the finger nuts to the new system and tighten with a spanner. You receive two new genuine Jaco nuts but in most cases you can reuse the original ones attached to the tubing. The conversion we estimate should take about 2 minutes but the fastest it has been done by a customer having done this before is 16 seconds but it is not a challenge.

Once converted the system will then take standard size 10 inch cartridges (actually 9-3/4” commonly referred to as 10”) and with the kit you also receive the housing spanner to undo the housings easily yourself.

Standard size cartridges operate in a competitive environment and as a result need to keep pricing sharp but also are trying to be better than their competitors. An example of this is the new Matrikx pB1 carbon cartridge which is now Chloramine rated with its chlorine only rating now 114,000 litres and its lead rating 14,000 litres and cyst rated with the specification link below. Pb1.pdf

The system is assembled in Australia using the ever reliable QMP American made housings, Jaco fittings (American made) and nippled together with a 1/4" Brass hex nipple. The housing spanner to undo the housings is supplied with the conversion kit.

Any other cartridge combination can be phone ordered.

A pair of cartridges range from as low as $30.00 and can be optioned to various different types at the time of purchase.

On 05-06-2020 we received a Lawyers letter acting for Puratap Pty Ltd making several threats so we need to make some things very clear.

We are told that you can purchase replacements for your PuraTap ™ system to suit their system from them and change them yourself.

It is up to you to judge which filters are superior or inferior by viewing the specification sheets provided on the cartridges that we sell compared to the original system, the cartridges that will fit the conversion kit at this page link, with all of the filters at that page link fitting the twin conversion kit. You will need to obtain PuraTaps™ specifications from them.

You are also advised that using the conversion kit will void PuraTap™ warranties.

There is absolutely no relationship between PSI Water filters and PuraTap™ being completely independent of each other.

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