Tank water filters and Tank water filtration is not straight forward as traditional filter systems that are used for filtering chlorinated town water supplies because town water type of systems will block stunningly quickly when connected to un-chlorinated water such as tank water.

The traditional method of using a ceramic cartridge doesn't work very well as they can block (Bio-Film) in as little as 3 weeks for the undersink type of systems. We supplied many combinations of various filters free to some of our customers around Australia to find an effective system that was economical to run and one that  works.

The real problem with un-chlorinated water is the presence of harmful bacteria and Giardia Cysts. The problem with the traditional method of using very fine filters is that they are a strainer and don't kill harmful elements so they accumulate in the system alive.

The problem with using fine filters on un-chlorinated water is the presents of bio-film which is a harmless type of slime. This coats fine filter cartridges and both stops their flow and contaminates the carbon stopping it from working. The use of either or both a UV steraliser or silver impregnated carbon prevents this from happening.

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