These feedback comments are real and not made up like most that we see.

Hi Peter,
Thought i would share some feedback, PSI filters offer a wide range and fast postage also the packaging is great. After being scammed by another online water retailer, PSI filters has been a pleasure and Peter is knowledgeable and helpful, this is a honest company unlike some others and i would recommend to anyone looking for quality products and service i will definitely order again. (June 2014) Feel free to post this on the feedback page.

Hi Peter/Callum

Just wanted to say a big thanks for all your help, support and knowledge. I am super pleased with my counter top filter and am so grateful that I followed the brilliant reviews online. With you guys you get honesty and a genuine service. Thank you thank you thank you.

Ruthie 1st October 2013 Please feel free to use this as a testimonial.Thanks for your lovely offer: Ruthie Sadia

Message: Peter H,
product, at a great price and great service. I had been planning to order 2more cartridges in the next 4 weeks, I arrived home today to find a reminderletter addressed to myself stating that cartridges maybe due for replacementof which it is.I have changed my supplier from ???????? Water Filters to yourselves, due tobetter pricing, free postage and excellent service.Many Thanks and I wish you and PSI Water Filters every success for thefuture.

RegardsCraig M

Hello Callum,
Thanks for your prompt response and having exactly what we were after. Good to be able to drink water anywhere now and also top the caravan tanks when we go “away from the public domain”, Finally got it plumbed up and works a treat. No more concerns about giardia when showering or brushing teeth. (We live in the tropics and Giardia is a constant problem even in treated supplies from time to time). Product well priced. Ease of purchase and dispatch – excellent.Value for money – definitely on the ball. Good luck with your business.  Perhaps have some flyers (maybe about A5 size) made up explaining your business and put them in with your dispatches so satisfied customers can place them on notice boards etc. Word of mouth is still more powerful than advertising.  

Regards, Steve Cairns

Just a quick note to say thanks for the great and promt service and for supplying such high-quality products. I'm very impressed how easy it was to plug all components together, and am especially pleased with the good flow rate through the CR1 filter, as well as with the smoothness of the 3-way tap. You came highly recommended, and I'll certainly be adding my own recommendations from now on.

RegardsRichard Perth WA

Name: Peter GMessage: Hi Callum
Filter system received. Installed. Working great. Wife very happy as she claims that it is the best tasteing water that she has ever had. ( got to keep them happy?). Thanks again, for the prompt and great service. Please list me as a referal if required. Regards Pete.

Name: Dave AMessage: 

Thanks guys.My filter arrived today. It arrived at 9am. Within half hour (Including time to make my son and myself breakfast) it was mounted. 1 hr later the flush is complete.Just did the TDS test on it. Waddaya know. 0.Easy to install, thanks to the instructions. The parts look momentarily scary until I read the instructions then all good.Fast service. What I want. What I need.Your reputation is well deserved.

RE: Order 004167. Just letting you know that I have received my order today and I am very happy with the product and package contents.It took me about an hour to install, having to remove another system first that I was not happy with (and also with poor customer service).This product is MUCH better than the other system with better flow and ease of maintenance, and with everything included in the package, I didn't have to make any trips to the hardware store!Great product and great job guys!


Dear Peter,
I am writing to you tell you a big THANK YOU. Shower and shower filter: Sprite FXD-CM-P6 20 inch arm and 6 inch filter assembly and undersink water filter: PSI-300P with Pentek CBR2-10 Carbon Cartridgeare some of the best things I have ever bought for me and for my health and well-being. Water from my kitchen tap is much clearer and tastes much better and every time I take shower with my new shower with shower filter I feel blessed.From the first time I contacted you I knew that "I am in good hands".The manner and the way you approach your customers is absolutely great.I thought that we knew each other all our lives because of your warmth, patience and friendliness in every communication.From the first moment I knew and I trust that I've chosen the right address and the right person to satisfy my needs for healthier life.And receipt, installation and usage of my orders from you only confirmed that.I am endlessly happy and satisfied with both products I have ordered, and I know these are some of the best things I have ever bought for me and for my health and well-being.

Peter, from the bottom of my heart I THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!Johan

I hope this message will find you, Stephanie, your family and all dear people around you in great health, excellent mood and endless happiness!

Best Wishes & Kindest Regards,E Calic | Dandenong, Victoria

Hi Peter
Just to let you know that the part arrived safely. Our local post office was closed until last Tuesday so picked it up then and installed it over the weekend.The system works very well and the water is coming through clear and tasting like rain water! I think our tank water is now better than the mains water they get in Adelaide. We couldn't be happier. My wife is particularly happy with the addition of the UV filter that will kill off any nasties that may end up in the water tank.Thank you for your advice and service I certainly will be recommending your service whenever I get the chance,

RegardsS Richards | Mylor SA

Hi Peter
Just wanted to thankyou for your extremely prompt service it always helps to get a parcel quickly as it relieves the anxious wait that the company you have just paid is a geniune one I was also impressed to see my replacement filters are not some cheap knock off but a geniune made in the USA product Also I lived in Launceston for a couple of months over 20 years ago we also toured the Island I bet it has change alot since then.

Kind RegardsSue

I called to find out more about the PSI water filter systems and Peter provided outstanding customer service. I do at times ask a lot of questions and Peter was extremely helpful considering I called after closing time and he spent another 30 minutes patiently answering my questions. I hadn’t intended to purchase a filter system this early in my search but felt comfortable with all my questions answered and brought one there and then, it arived 4 days later and was everything that they claimed.

CheersGail Henderson, Sale, Victoria.

Thought I would give you some customer feed back which I seldom do but I am impressed with both the product and service.

I purchased a whole house system about a month ago and had it installed by a local plumber who was also impressed with the system quality. The difference it has made to the water is unbelievable. I used to sneeze for about 10 minutes after getting out of the shower and was surprised that this has stopped but another surprise was how soft my hair feels now after a shower. It is so nice to brush your teeth and not have that stink of chlorine when running the taps.

Callum took the time to answer my questions at length and apart from a better price I was impressed with the lack of pressure to purchase which I found off-putting when calling some others on their products.

Thankyou again for an excellent product and service.

Yours Fred B

This is the first time I have offered endorsement of a commercial enterprise. In this instance an endorsement is well placed. My customer connection with PSI Filters began about 8 years ago. At that time PSI Filters were one of relatively few supplying residential RO Systems. I was firstly impressed with Peter's knowledge of RO Systems and candid comments which enabled me to feel confident in making informed decisions buying both a quality product and a RO system that met our family potable water supply needs. He did not try to oversell, he steered me clear of dodgy products. The RO system he sold me still faithfully produces the 600 liters daily I was promised 8 years ago. Perhaps the main reason for this endorsement is that over the past 8 years I made mistakes with installation and maintenance. I have had only once instance of a warranty claim with a pump (which was dealt with quickly). We are entirely reliant on our RO systems reliability as it is our sole source of residential potable water supply. We only have a 4 day water storage reserve. In all instances I have been able to access Peter for timely advice /assistance. He has never taken pricing advantage of our circumstances. Parts and regular replacement filter supplies have always been air bagged the same day. As stated my RO system is relatively modest in size and is now 8 years old and still going strong with the same output as the day it was installed. Perhaps the most important comment is that I have found Peter an honest and reliable person to deal with and his support to customers is long term. If anyone thought this is a trumped up endorsement, you would be able to contact Peter and arrangements made for me to contact and confirm these comments. N McLeod Townsville Nth Qld.

Kind regards K Neil

Hi Peter,
The filter system arrived on Monday, and installed it today. It was very easy to install and works perfectly. We got use to normal unfiltered tap water so when we tried filtered water the difference was huge. The Sydney water was harsh and had a strong smell in comparison to your filtered system. You would believe that it was natural spring water!

Thank for all your help!

Luke S

"Shame faced husband" ;-) & I were incredibly impressed when the new part & replacement filters arrived today. All installed it looks great & husband proof. Thanks so very much! We are thrilled. You can use this as an unsolicited testimonial if you like.

Two years ago I bought a premium benchtop filter from you. The water in our area was dreadful, often brown in colour (this is in our inner city suburb of Melbourne). The filter unit has been fantastic for us. The water tastes beautiful. On top of the excellent quality of the filter we are remarkably impressed at the unfailing brilliance of your customer service. Fantastic advice and practical guidance with great prices & speed of delivery. The customer service you provide is equalled by no other company I have dealt with.

Regards, R Golding.

Hi Peter
I have just received and installed my water filter unit. I must say I was dubious at ordering this unit over the web as I felt the pricing had to reflect a lower quality filter system. I am absolutely impressed with both the quality and the price - I have installed previously at my last address a unit I bought from Bunnings at $355.00 (still available at that price) and compared - well you can't compare. Your unit is far superior in quality with better quality fittings and even a pressure reducer. To repeat - I am very pleased with this and even the water now tastes good. you can't get better than that!

You may use my recommendation if you wish as I am very impressed with the system.

Thanks & Regards, Barry Englefield | Please visit our Web-Site at :- www.crystalwater.com.au

Dear Stephanie,
Just a brief note to thank you for your excellent service and for the twin under sink system that we purchased. We were delighted with the quality of the system including the ceramic disk Touch-flow brand faucet. The unit arrived the day after it was ordered and in plenty of time for installation with our new kitchen.

You may use my recommendation if you wish as I am very impressed with the system.

Kind regards,Ray Fallu| Victoria

Hi Stephanie & Peter,
Just thought that we'd let you know that we're thrilled to bits with the Twin Under-sink PSI-304 system that you supplied. It arrived yesterday morning, it went in today & the installatiion was an absolute breeze. The fact that we were replacing a competitor's previous unit simplified matters some what, but proved interesting to say the least. Without exception, each individual component that you supplied in your kit, was vastly superior to that of the previous supplier.

You may use my recommendation if you wish as I am very impressed with the system.

To emphasise the wisdom in changing over, the cost for just 3 cartridge replacement sets alone from our previous supplier, would have cost $12 less than our total order through you, which included:

1 ... A complete Deluxe Twin Under-sink PSI-304 which includes the Polyspun pre-filter & the Matrickx CR1 high flow rate carbon cartridge.

2 ... 2 extra replacement cartridge sets.

3 ... A ceramic valve faucet that was a $15 option.

In effect, if we hadn't gone for the ceramic valved faucet, we would have gotten your complete system with it's vastly superior components & 2 spare replacement cartridge sets, for less money than just the 3 cartridge sets from our previous supplier. We are giving our friends the outgoing system in it's entirety, complete with a pair of your cartridges & they too will be ongoing customers. Everyone's a winner & we couldn't be happier.

The fact that Peter personally returned our initial after hours enquiry that same evening & offered uniquely honest advise was extremely encouraging. The whole process has been silky smooth & totally rewarding. Thanks again & we wish you all the best.

Cheers,Tania & John Spencer

Thanks for supplying me with the filter. I installed it at my mums house in Biloela. (out west) The water out there is half bore half from a big dam, so the water must have a lot of minerals in it. My mum was pretty sceptical but once she tasted it - wow what a difference. The TDS meter reads about 430 on the in and about 7 on the out and no longer smells of chlorine.

Thanks heaps


I am writing this email to thank you for your great service.As I told Stephanie on the phone last week, I am totally amazed that a small company in Launceston can get an order delivered to me in Hervey Bay the next day. I have a small business myself and believe me, I have enough trouble getting this level of service from any of my other suppliers even when most of my orders only come out of Brisbane.I first purchased my RO water filter from you back in 2007, and the service you provided then was exactly the same as in this last two weeks.Congratulations, you have the honour of being the most efficient supplier of equipment I have ever dealt with over the last 40 years in business.Naturally I can also state that I have been extremely happy with the RO filter as well.

You may use my recommendation if you wish as I am very impressed with the system.

Regards, Dave Olds

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