Fluoride & Copper

Fluoride removal with cartridge filtration.

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Generally not successful with a non reverse osmosis system however you will see many claim that their cartridges will remove fluoride.

Fluoride removal with Fluoride (activated alumina) cartridges

We do have the fluoride removal cartridges which contain activated alumina, at best if run slowly they remove no more than 70% of fluoride and only around 30% at normal flow rates but activated alumina is aluminium oxide which will add aluminium to the water and although we have the cartridges we don't offer them as a model unless you ask for it. You can have a triple system with the third cartridge as activated alumina but we don't recommend it due to the added aluminium.

If you read the specification (real not made up by seller) the manufacturers claim up to 90% removal of fluoride at a flow rate of no faster than 0.9 litres per minute and this is with a cartridge that is 100% full of activated alumina. Testing in Sydney has resulted in a fluoride removal rate of only 63% at a flow rate of 0.75 litres per minute with a 100% full cartridge of activated alumina.

It is a real concern that one filter supplier has had activated alumina sprayed on the outside of their cartridge and now says their carbon cartridge removes fluoride, it would be at best 5% for about 5 days.

Reverse Osmosis System

   The only way to reliably remove the most contaminates including fluoride 98% is with reverse osmosis.

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Fluoride removal with ion resin (mixed bed resins) cartridges

This is part truth and part deception as a cartridge that contains a resin will remove fluoride but the problem is that it will only do it for 20 to 100 litres at best. We can supply the same cartridges that these companies sell but don't bother as they are next to useless unless you are trying to deceive people.

Resin works like this: (We stock 7 different types of 100% resin cartridges but don't recommend them as a stand alone treatment)

If you had a standard 9-3/4" cartridge that was 100% full of resin (rather than the cartridges sold as a mix of Carbon and resin) it would treat say Sydney water for about 57 litres and the calculations go like this.

Resin is rated in a unit measure called a GRAIN, 1 Grain = 17.1 parts per million (ppm) of total dissolved solids (TDS) so a cartridge that is 100% resin is usually good for 400 grains so the total TDS adsorption is 400 x 17.1 = 6,840 ppm removal of tds.

Sydney water has a tds of about 120 ppm so take the 6,840 and divide it by 120 and the answer for tds removal for a cartridge with 100% resin is 57 litres, when you consider that the cartridges that are sold for fluoride removal are at best 50% resin you can see that the cartridge will remove many things which includes fluoride but won't do it for very long.

The only reliable way to remove fluoride 98% is with Reverse Osmosis.

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Copper removal with cartridge filtration.

Generally not possible with a non Reverse Osmosis system.

Carbon cartridges will do amazing things in the first 50 litres or so and this is called the Holiday period. We have test results on the Matrikx CR1 that removed the copper content of water from 2.93 ppm to un-detectable but do not use such results as the test water was taken in the first few litres through a new cartridge which is in the Holiday period, after this period the cartridge will not continue to remove the copper and other non target substances.

Carbon cartridges are extremely good at removing substances like Chlorine, pesticides, lead and chemicals but not copper or fluoride.

One example of this is the Doulton Ultracarb which is a very good filter, we contacted Fairey Industrial Ceramics LTD as we had noticed several companies that advertised that the Doulton Ultracarb cartridge removed copper which did not appear on their manufacturers specification sheet. They did not confirm that their cartridge removed copper but referred us on to a company in Hong Kong and they forwarded this test sheet click here for Hong Kong test results, we asked further questions about how the test was conducted and over what period length and how many litres, suddenly no further correspondence could be obtained from the Hong Kong testing lab. We know that the Ultracarb won't remove copper except for the holiday period and we believe the Hong Kong test was conducted in the holiday period which means the results are misleading. Further correspondence with the manufacturer confirmed they did not rate their cartridge for copper removal.

There have been many Water Filter Companies prosecuted over the years for using specification sheets obtained using test results conducted in the first few litres through a filter cartridge (holiday period) and we expect that many more will be prosecuted soon and so they should be. The reason they are prosecuted is because the specifications supplied are misleading and not representative of what the customer expects for the service life of the cartridge.