Some original fridge water filters are both small capacity and expensive.

We at PSI Water Filters have developed a set of replacement kits to not only save you money now, but also in the future. These fridge replacement kits will include the omnipure cartridges, a wall or fridge mounting bracket, self tapping screw, roll of plumbers thread tape and two John Guest quick fit fittings.

These Omnipure cartridges are original manufacturer replacements for some makes and models. There are some makes that only takes an original part but most can be converted to take the Omnipure range available through PSI Water Filters.

Omnipure cartridges are easy to install, simply push the tub into the end and it is done. To remove the tube from the fitting the system should be off and depressurised and by simply pushing on the retaining ring with your fingernail the tube will slide out.

As with all products, PSI Water Filters provides easy to follow and read installation guides so that you can have your product installed in no time.

If you need help choosing the correct fridge filter, give our Water Filter Experts a call on 1300 305 579.

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