The whole house water filter unit is designed as a point-of-entry system that filters water directly as it enters a home plumbing system from a municipal or private water source. The whole house water filter provides clean, filtered water to every water source in the household.

Most whole house water filters use a twin-stage filtration system in which most, if not all, harmful contaminants are removed from the water supply. The first stage of filtration removes any sediment materials in the water that may clog the chemical filter, reducing its effectiveness. The second stage then uses filtration involve bituminous-activated carbon or/and coconut-shell activated carbon media to filter pesticides, remnants of biological matter, and other harmful chemicals.

Most whole house filter systems sold in Australia use the 20 inch version of the standard type of housing which uses a cartridge with a diameter of around 70 mm (2.5") which is too small and seriously affects both pressure and flow, a 20" standard (70 mm) cartridge also falls well short for effective treatment as well as their rating is 7.6 litres per minute which is below the flow rate of a shower using a AAA rated shower head (9 litres per minute) let alone a normal shower that flows 15 litres per minute, our systems use the larger 20 inch x 4.5 inch filter cartridges.

Our systems use what is referred to in the industry as BIG BLUE / BIG WHITE housing in their 20 inch versions, a 20 inch big blue/white will flow and treat at about 3.5 times the standard (70 mm) 20 inch cartridges and about 8 times the flow rates for the housings. The 10 and 20 inch big blue/white housings have a 0.2 psi pressure drop at 30 litres per minute, the cartridges and housing models below will drop the mains pressure less than 1 psi when the cartridges are in good condition.

Although we stock other cartridges like the Pentek CBC-20BB which is 0.5 micron and available on request we seriously don't recommend a 0.5 micron cartridge in a Whole House system as a cartridge that fine will drop the pressure a minium of 5 psi but will also block very quickly

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