RO-030-1900. Premium quality commercial reverse osmosis system

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The RO-030-1900 is a newly released semi-commercial reverse osmosis system. For a long time now there as been very little in the way of a system that could produce above your typically under sink type reverse osmosis system without having to go to a fully commercial type system such as the 040-4750.

Our RO-030-1900 system is perfect for mains water treatment for the removal as such things as Fluoride in conjunctions with a rain water tank to buffer the usage. The system can be also used on bore water if your mineral analysis meets our requirements before supplying.

Before we are able to supply the RO-030-1900 we will need to be supplied an mineral analysis as the system may not be suitable for the supply water. Please refer to the sample irrigation mineral analysis.

System is supplied with a stainless steel needle valve so that the waste ratio is adjustable. Please confirm a recommended waste ratio with us prior to running the system.

RO-030-1900 can produce up to 1900L per day at 25deg C @70PSI in-feed pressure.

Assembled in Australia using only quality components.

Dow filmtec TW30-3012-500 Membrane.

Pentek 10"x4.5" or 20"x4.5" housings (American Made)

Stainless steel housing bracket and screws

John Guest Check 3/8" Check valve (UK made)

John Guest tubing (UK made)

Dual Point HM Digital TDS meter

Various upgrade options-

10"Big White or 20"Big White Pre filter housings (American Made)- 20" upgrade $100

Carbon pre filter options to long life Chlorine/Chloramine removal

Manual use or up-gradeable to fully automatic top up (float valve etc)- Auto upgrade $220

UV treatment pre to the system (Recommended for bore water applications)- 25watt Top Aqua $225

Can be supplied with pressurized storage tanks for high volume direct applications

Production rates as tested at 16deg C -

40PSI- 600ml/m Pure water

50PSI- 750ml/m Pure water

60PSI- 1000ml/m Pure water

70PSI- 1100ml/m Pure water

80PSI- 1200ml/m Pure water

90PSI- 1400ml/m Pure water

Please keep in mind the above testing was done on a very cold water supply which will hamper the production rate. For a true reading of production rates please refer to the DOW Filmtec membrane PDF.

Product information PDF

Please allow 4-5 working days before item can be dispatched as these are made to order.

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