Matrikx™ CTO 5 Micron 10

* 5 Micron Nominal Filtration * Chlorine Taste & Odor Reduction * Sediment Reduction *

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The MATRIKX CTO is manufactured from high purity activated carbon. Its particulate
capacity makes the MATRIKX CTO a great choice for many applications.

Chlorine taste & odor reduction capacity of 45,000L at 11.4LPM

• No channeling
• No bypassing
• Pure materials of construction (NSF)
• Maximum service life and resistance to fouling
• Manufactured using FDA-compliant materials

Directions for use: Place cartridge in an appropriate housing (10"x4.5") and flush for a minimum of 5 minutes prior to use. This will flush away any loose particals that may be present in the cartridge. These particals are known as carbon fines.

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