Coral Sand

This coral sand can be used on any of our refillable Remineraliser Harvested from inundated coral reefs. Pelletized and sanitised. Food grade.

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Price : $18.00 Per Kg
Origin: Bahamas
Grain size: 1-2mm
This coral sand can be used on any of our refillable Remineraliser
Harvested from inundated coral reefs.
Pelletized and sanitised. Food grade
Increases Ph of post RO water anywhere up to 10 PH depending on the infeed PH of the water supply. Results will vary
This aragonite comes from the pure and pristine Bahamas Banks and unlike beach zone collected sands contains no tar, harmful organics, or impurities.
·  1-2 mm
· Aragonite
·  calcium 381,000 ppm
·  strontium  7,390 ppm
·  magnesium 1050 ppm
·  carbonate 590,000 ppm
·  potassium 56 ppm

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