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Omnipure In-Line Filters

What is a 1/4" female port fitting also called a BB fitting?

The 1/4" female port (end) is a 1/4" NPT thread end as per the photo on the left,
The BB end (1/4" female port can be converted to a JJ (John Guest speed fit) by using the thread to pipe adapter, this can be seen in the photo on the right which is a BB ported in-line cartridge fitted with a pipe adapter and has the locking clip in place. 

What is a JJ fitting which refers to John Guest fittings?

The JJ has moulded John Guest speed fit fittings that are easy to insert and remove the tube, the photo on the right shows the tube and locking clip fitted.

What is a CL series cartridge?

The CL series contains granular activated carbon and all come with BB (1/4" female threaded ports) ports (ends). If the part number is CL10RO means it is a CL series and is 10 inches long, it will also have a T28,T33 or T40 after it. The T28 is standard GAC (granular activated carbon) the T33 is GAC which has been acid washed for increased purity and the T40 is top of the heap with Coconut husk carbon rather than Coal based GAC.

What is a K series cartridge?

The K series cartridges can come in two diameters, a K25?? means it is 2 inches in diameter and 10 inches long, a K55?? means that it is 2.5 inches in diameter and 10 inches long, the last two numbers refers to the fineness of its filtration or different functions such as a K5515 means it is 10" x 2.5" will treat for heavy metals, chlorine and is cyst rated. A K series cartridge can be a BB or JJ connection.

What is a Q series cartridge?

A Q series cartridge is a simple twist on twist off cartridge and is re-branded to many different names but all are manufactured by Omnipure.

The numbers go the same as the K series which means a Q5515 is 10" x 2.5" will treat for heavy metals, chlorine and is cyst rated

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