Freshwater Aquarium Reverse Osmosis Systems
Aquarium Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Units

Freshwater Aquarium Reverse Osmosis Systems

Aquarium reverse osmosis water filter systems are ideal for those who own an aquarium or are thinking about buying an aquarium. It cannot be stressed enough that if you have an aquarium it is imperative that clean filtered water is being used within your aquarium, so that there is no chance for any algae, bacteria or diatom blooms to grow.

This Fresh Water Aquarium Reverse Osmosis system has the ability to go from 100% reverse osmosis to 100% filtered tap water with infinite variables in-between so the system will supply the water at a hardness suitable to your needs

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Psi-020a 3 Stage Reverse Osmosis Wall Mount Unit


This unit comes complete ready to start work. Membrane is a Filmtec PA (TFC), membrane Filters are 1 micron pre-filter and Matrikx CTO (Chloramine Removal) or Omnipure OMB934-5M coconut carbon cartridge. Included is a dual in-line TDS meter.

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