Conversion Kits
Water Conversion Kits For Water Filters

Conversion Kits

Water conversion kits available here at PSI Water Filters allow you to convert your current water filter system to a standard size water filter system.

Some shop owners sell non standard size water filter systems which are cheap. However, they sell the cartridges which go with the non standard water filter systems at extortionate prices. What this means is that you lose out by having a non standard water filter system that may not work as well as a standard system and cost you heaps buying the cartridge from the only place you can. PSI Water Filters have created a conversion kit, for people who are stuck in this conundrum, so that they can convert their water filter system into a standard one, and use standard cartridges.

This will help as it will save you a lot of money. The standard water filter system will be much more economical to maintain and you can be sure that the conversion products bought PSI Water Filters are of very high quality.

If you need help choosing the right conversion kit or housing, give our experts a call on 0363444635

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