Replacement Cartridges 


  • Sediment Filter Cartridges

    Check out PSI Filters premium sediment water filter cartridges. You will find a wide range of quality USA manufactured cartridges available with warranty. They are made to last with your health and safety in mind.

  • Carbon Cartridges

    PSI Filters carbon water filter cartridges are manufactured from some of the worlds best brands, such as Matrikx, Doulton, Omipure and Fibredyne. These water filter cartridges provide excellent filtration with unmatched results. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

  • Specialty Cartridges

    Are you looking for that hard to find Specialty Cartridge? Well PSI Filters have you covered. With hundreds of different types and brands of cartridges available we are certain we can find the right part for your system. Even if you cannot find the model cartridge you are looking be sure to contact us because we are likely to have it in stock, but not listed on the website. Call now on 1800 305 579.

  • Twin Undersink Cartridge Deals

    Looking for a deal? PSI Filters offer premium twin undersink cartridges at a discounted rate. You will find unbelievable bargains here.

  • Triple Undersink Cartridge Deals

    PSI Filters have done it again. With unbeatable Triple Undersink water filter cartridge deals that you will find hard to say no to. Take a look and you will be shocked.

  • Reverse Osmosis Cartridge Deals

    Here you will find PSI Filters fantastic Reverse Osmosis water filter cartridge deals. With latest stock from some of the worlds best water filter brands. Contact us if you have any questions relating to these premium products.

  • Cartridges -9 Inch

    Here you will find PSI Filters 9 Inch Water Filter Cartridges. High tech reliable products developed from world class water filter manufacturers, such as Omnipure and Doulton.

  • Loose Media

    Various loose media

  • Whole House Cartridges

    Looking for Whole House Water Filter Cartridges? Well you have come the right place PSI Filters is Australia's oldest online water filters store. With many years experience working with the worlds top water filter brands we are sure we can provide you with a top of the line product at a basement price.

  • Omnipure In-Line Filters

    What is a 1/4" female port fitting also called a BB fitting?

    The 1/4" female port (end) is a 1/4" NPT thread end as per the photo on the left,
    The BB end (1/4" female port can be converted to a JJ (John Guest speed fit) by using the thread to pipe adapter, this can be seen in the photo on the right which is a BB ported in-line cartridge fitted with a pipe adapter and has the locking clip in place. A BB can be converted to a JJ for an extra $2.00 with out lock clips and $3.00 with lock clips.

    What is a JJ fitting which refers to John Guest fittings?

    The JJ has moulded John Guest speed fit fittings that are easy to insert and remove the tube, the photo on the right shows the tube and locking clip fitted.

    What is a CL series cartridge?

    The CL series contains granular activated carbon and all come with BB (1/4" female threaded ports) ports (ends). If the part number is CL10RO means it is a CL series and is 10 inches long, it will also have a T28,T33 or T40 after it. The T28 is standard GAC (granular activated carbon) the T33 is GAC which has been acid washed for increased purity and the T40 is top of the heap with Coconut husk carbon rather than Coal based GAC.

    What is a K series cartridge?

    The K series cartridges can come in two diameters, a K25?? means it is 2 inches in diameter and 10 inches long, a K55?? means that it is 2.5 inches in diameter and 10 inches long, the last two numbers refers to the fineness of its filtration or different functions such as a K5515 means it is 10" x 2.5" will treat for heavy metals, chlorine and is cyst rated. A K series cartridge can be a BB or JJ connection.

    What is a Q series cartridge?

    A Q series cartridge is a simple twist on twist off cartridge and is re-branded to many different names but all are manufactured by Omnipure.

    The numbers go the same as the K series which means a Q5515 is 10" x 2.5" will treat for heavy metals, chlorine and is cyst rated

Replacement Cartridges

The selection of water filter cartridges we have is extensive, but the cartridges listed here are not all that we stock.

The most important thing when it comes to replacement water filter cartridges is the size. The most common size is what is referred to as a 10 inch standard, but these are not 10 inches long, but 9-3/4 inches long and in gener...

The selection of water filter cartridges we have is extensive, but the cartridges listed here are not all that we stock.

The most important thing when it comes to replacement water filter cartridges is the size. The most common size is what is referred to as a 10 inch standard, but these are not 10 inches long, but 9-3/4 inches long and in general 2.5” to 3” in diameter. The metric measurement is 248mm x 65-75mm. This size is referred to in the industry as 10 inch standard and is the most widely available cartridge, but there are other sizes and configurations in the water filter industry.

There are many companies that produce housings that take a cartridge that is slightly different in some way such as length. They will promote the cartridge as being the best but in reality they are produced to stop you shopping around and once you have purchased the system you are trapped to dealing with that supplier. They even go as far as supplying these non standard systems for free to Builders knowing they will sting you when a replacement cartridge is required. If you have such a system, give us a call as we will most likely be able to convert your system to take a standard size cartridge.

By far the most common sediment filter is the polyspun sediment filter. This type of cartridge performs very well and is reasonably priced. Also available are the pleated sediment filter cartridges. The pleated sediment cartridges cost a bit more, have a higher flow rate with a lower pressure drop and are cleanable, but block sooner than a polyspun. So in general, even though they are cleanable, they don’t usually outlast a polyspun.

Carbon Cartridges are also called chemical filters as these cartridges are the work horse in a filter system. Carbon based cartridges treat for colour, taste and odour and remove things like chlorine, pesticides, herbicides and many other types of chemicals with some also rated to remove heavy metals. We sell many brands and in general don’t promote one brand over another. We have the specification sheets for them for you to download and choose one that you like. If you require some guidance please don’t hesitate to call us on 1800 305 579 and we will assist you by giving the strengths of each cartridge type and brand.

In-line filters, such as the Omnipure range vary from sediment filters through to carbon filters that are cyst and heavy metals rated. These in-line filter uses are common installations for post filtration on reverse osmosis systems and fridge filters.



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