The PSI Water Filters large reverse osmosis systems are primarily commercial reverse osmosis water filter systems. These are very large reverse osmosis water filter systems that range in weight from 20 to 100 kg(kilogram). These large reverse osmosis water filter systems are ideal for use in an industrial application, where the demand for clean filtered water can be around the 1,000 GPD (gallons per day) to 12,000 GPD mark.

    These large reverse osmosis water filter units from PSI Water Filters are supplied with a concise and easy to follow installation booklet that will help you install your water filter system with ease.

    We at PSI Water Filters provide various membranes ranging from our domestic membrane range to our commercial membrane range. If you are looking for domestic/home use reverse osmosis water filter systems, please browse through our laundry wall mount reverse osmosis range, countertop reverse osmosis range or our undersink reverse osmosis range.

    These large reverse osmosis units include: Stainless Steel Frame, 20 Inch Prefilters x 3 (some models), Stainless Steel Membrane, Vessel Inlet & Flush Solenoid, Valve Source, RO Gauge Inlet & Concentration Flow Meter, Auto Flush Controller, and Pressure Regulator

    One of the key advantages of buying a large reverse osmosis water filter unit is that these commercial/industrial strength reverse osmosis systems are capable of handling very large amounts of water on a daily basis. They can also be used for a wide range of applications in the commercial or industrial sector.