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  • We've been aware of this scam for many years, it's a real shame that it's reared it's ugly head again!

    ‘Water board’ phone scam hits Tweed

    Published On: Wed, Jul 3rd, 2013

    A scam that has been doing the rounds for some years has been uncovered on the north coast after a quick-thinking r...
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  • Whole House Water Filters

    Whole house water filters are designed as a point-of-entry water filter system. The whole house water filter design filters water directly as it enters a home’s plumbing system from a municipal or private water source. This ensures that pure...
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  • Stainless Steel Water Filters

    I have noticed the Asian stainless steel systems are being offered again, I can't caution you enough about how bad these systems are.

    Just about all the water filter suppliers have had a go at these systems over the years because they l...
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  • Water Filters | Reverse Osmosis - 60 Minutes

    On Sunday night 12-04-2009, 60 minutes ran a story about the bottled water industry along the line of liquid gold.

    The nuts and bolts of it all was that most bottled water that you buy really is simply filtered tap water ...
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  • Water Filter Imports

    Water Filter Imports The world financial problems seem to be settling down a bit but I find it disappointing that in these times large companies have decided to move manufacturing off-shore to China at a time when they should keep the manufacturing in Australia to support t...
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  • Water Filter Sales

    Water filter sales continue to show strong growth despite the economic down turn. This is most likely the result of low water levels in the various storages ...
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  • Filtered water or bottled water?

    The bottled water industry is booming these days and the reason is because people just don’t trust the water that is coming out of their taps at home.

    Some people refuse to drink from the kitchen tap because they have no idea what is in the drinking...
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  • Water Filters and Reverse Osmosis

    The hottest thing happening in the past few weeks is the introduction of Fluoride into Queensland water supplies, from the comments of the customers they aren’t happy about it.

    It amazes me that the various Australian Governme...
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  • Reverse Osmosis and Winter


    We often get calls at this time of year with customers concerned about their reverse osmosis system running slower than normal. This is quite normal as reverse osmosis systems are rated at 25 degrees and when the water is colder the vi...
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  • Carbon tax and water filters.


    We will need to wait and see if the carbon tax will affect water filters in any real way.

    Have been advised that in-bound pallet freight will have an increased cost of 0.35% which is not very much at all, will need to wait and see what Austral...
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